Time To ACT plc supports the global transition to Net Zero through the development and commercialisation of world-beating clean technologies

Time To ACT plc is a business operator, not a fund nor a fund manager. As a permanent capital entity, we have a “best-owner” mentality meaning we have no need for debilitating exit timetables. Our businesses address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We deploy a heavyweight Board of Directors to allocate capital and unlock hidden value.

Our portfolio tackles global challenges including overreliance on Rare Earth Elements. We are supporting the growth in clean hydrogen and fuel cell economies and bringing to market revolutionary developments for the wind and other industry.

We achieve this through our ESG-led investment strategy. We target strategic areas of the supply chain which will require new solutions to overcome bottlenecks. We have a structured approach to driving innovation and shareholder value.

Time To ACT plc businesses:

Global drivers supporting our investment strategy

Energy security

allowing independence from foreign nations

Rare Earth Element supply chain

being squeezed

The UK is targeting

Net Zero by 2050

Global Cleantech market to grow to

$424Bn by 2026

Clean Hydrogen

is expected to become of one of the world’s major carbon-free fuel sources

Visions and Values

Mission statement:

To find, manage and develop undervalued and underperforming world-beating clean and renewable technologies.

Vision statement:

To support the global transition to Net Zero.


Credibility, Transparency, Trust.

Our Team

Chris Heminway (Executive Chairman)

Experienced in engineering-sector SME management. Sat as Non-Executive Director on the Board of AIM-listed Robotic Technology Systems plc.

Andrew Hall (Non-Executive Director)

In a twenty-year career with Siemens, Andrew was most latterly Chief Financial Officer of Siemens UK, Siemens Wind Power and Chief Financial Officer at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy S.A.

Rich Furniss (Non-Executive Director )

Former Country Managing Director for wind OEM Nordex following a 23-year international career with GEC / Alstom / Converteam as an engineering, major project and business leader. Since 2018 he has worked as an independent consultant and Non-Executive Director focussed on the energy transition to renewables.

Gary Wallace (Chief Financial Officer)

Chartered Accountant who has worked in SME and PLC businesses. Experience in acquisition integration through a PE buy & build strategy.

Steve Pugh

Steve Pugh (Group Sales & Marketing Director)

SME growth specialist with two Masters degrees in engineering, Managing Director level experience with SMEs and AIM experience with Tekmar Group plc.

Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall
(Managing Director at Diffusion Alloys)

Masters in Mechanical Engineering and operational and leadership experience in manufacturing and financial services.

Darren Robertson
(Managing Director at GreenSpur)

An MBA Graduate from Durham, with his career formed in the Air Force before joining industry in leadership positions for major global names.


Our technologies address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including reducing reliance on Rare Earth Elements, supporting the roll-out of the clean hydrogen economy and facilitating the development of the fuel cell and distributed energy markets.

As part of our growth strategy Time To ACT plc support the global transition to Net Zero through the development and commercialisation of world-leading clean technologies.


The sectors in which Time To ACT support are areas of long term sustainable clean-energy growth. We tackle bottlenecks within these sectors and provide enabling technologies or expertise which is required for successful deployment. Our goal is to facilitate this growth and provide a platform for providing investor value through a long term approach to investing in clean technology and renewable energy.