Fuelling innovation by providing strategic support, operational expertise, and vital capital for exponential growth.

Welcome to Time To ACT plc (TTA)

The Group is an engineering business focused on technology in the energy transition sector. It currently has two principal operating divisions; Diffusion Alloys and GreenSpur. TTA acts as the holding company for the Group, provides strategic and operational support to the operating companies and also capital to enable their growth.

Operating a blended strategy of organic and acquisitive development and applying a ‘best owner’ principle.

Time To ACT Group:

Global drivers supporting our investment strategy

Energy security allowing independence from foreign nations

Rare Earth Element supply chain being squeezed

The UK is targeting Net Zero by 2050

Global Cleantech market to grow to $424Bn by 2026

Clean Hydrogen is expected to become of one of the world’s major carbon-free fuel sources

Visions and Values

Vision statement:

Our vision is to create a group which has the skills, technology and knowledge to support the global energy transition.

Mission statement:

To find, manage and develop undervalued, underperforming and potentially world-beating technologies serving the Cleantech and Renewables markets.


Credibility, Transparency, Trust.

Future Strategy

Embrace our forward-looking strategy as we drive engineering development, propelling subsidiary businesses with cutting-edge technologies crucial to the energy transition supply chain. Our initiatives revolve around building asset value through intellectual property, patents, know-how, and visionary engineering, while maximising it through innovative business models, revenue streams, and strategic partnerships. Operating within a centralised financial management framework, we ensure sustainable development through a mix of commercial revenue, external funding, and partnerships. Guided by six principles—energy transition focus, patient-to-permanent capital, empowering operating companies, owner/operator mindset, flexible revenue models, and partnering from early-stage to maturity—we aim to expand through strategic acquisitions, securing majority stakes in aligned subsidiary companies.


Our technologies address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including reducing reliance on Rare Earth Elements, supporting the roll-out of the clean hydrogen economy and facilitating the development of the fuel cell and distributed energy markets.

As part of our growth strategy Time To ACT plc support the global transition to Net Zero through the development and commercialisation of world-leading clean technologies.


The sectors in which Time To ACT support are areas of long term sustainable clean-energy growth. We tackle bottlenecks within these sectors and provide enabling technologies or expertise which is required for successful deployment. Our goal is to facilitate this growth and provide a platform for providing investor value through a long term approach to investing in clean technology and renewable energy.