July 10, 2024

Why Time To ACT chose the Aquis Stock Exchange over venture capital

Green tech engineering firm Time To ACT floated on the Aquis Stock Exchange, boosting London’s struggling tech sector. Aquis aids small and medium-sized business growth and saw its first IPO of 2024 with Time To ACT.

The Teesside firm, operating in the “energy transition supply chain,” issued nearly 14 million shares at a market capitalisation of roughly £6.9 million, with shares trading around 50p initially.

Executive chairman Chris Heminway highlighted the IPO’s goal to attract public market attention and resolve business bottlenecks. Time To ACT’s divisions include Diffusion Alloys, reducing high-temperature corrosion, and GreenSpur, developing a wind turbine generator without rare earth magnets or copper coils.

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Diffusion Alloys


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