May 7, 2024

Chris Heminway, Executive Chairman at Time to ACT talks IPO

Time to Act (AQUIS: TTA), a UK engineering-led group focused on energy transition supply chain, has announced its intention to IPO on the Aquis Growth Exchange.

TTA consists of two principal complementary businesses, Diffusion Alloys and Greenspur:

Diffusion Alloys is a well-established diffusion coating services business specialising in coating and coating technology. It is already profitable, with a successful track record with global blue-chip customers and a strategic partnership with Johnson Matthey plc

Greenspur is an [pre-revenue] IP development business with a proprietary and cost-effective electricity generator, which doesn’t use copper coil or Rare Earths Magnets, primarily targeting the £20bn offshore wind turbine market.

TTA is based in Middlesbrough, alongside their existing coatings plant, amongst some of the rapidly scaling new energy companies and research groups investigating emerging new energy opportunities such as blue hydrogen and nuclear fusion.

In this interview, investors will also learn:
– How TTA predicted the current copper and Rare Earths shortages 10 years ago
– Why TTA believes it will achieve significant success within the multi-billion-dollar Blue Hydrogen market and the offshore wind turbine industry
– Why the Johnson Matthey strategic relationship should deliver further growth
– Why management consider this the right time to IPO on the Aquis Growth Market
– How retail investors can participate in the Winterflood Retail Access Platform (WRAP) offer

“We are not the company that is building hydrogen plant(s). We’re not the company that is trying to develop nuclear fusion. We’re not the company that is building massive 20MW offshore wind turbines. We are the company that is innovating the supply chain for those industries and our customers are those companies building the hydrogen plant, building the 20-megawatt offshore wind turbines and those companies developing nuclear fusion or investing into nuclear fission”, explained Chris Heminway, Executive Chairman at Time to ACT.

Reasons to add Time to ACT (Aquis:TTA) to your Watchlist:
– Addressing unmet needs within the multi-billion-dollar energy transition supply chain
– Commercialising proprietary IP to reduce the capex and opex of offshore wind
– Strategic partnership with Johnson Matthey plc
– Experienced Board and Management team
– Revenue growth of c. 50%
– Profitable in FY23, with £1.9m cash as of 31 Mar24
– New IPO funds to accelerate growth

Chris Heminway, Executive Chairman at Time to ACT, was interviewed by Donald Leggatt at focusIR.


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