January 26, 2024

Empowering the Energy Transition: The Innovative Time To ACT Approach

In a world striving for sustainability, the Time To ACT group stands out as a force for change, championing the cause of the global Energy Transition and the ambitious target of achieving Net Zero by 2050. Diverging from traditional investment models, Time To ACT is not just an investor; it’s an active owner and operator of businesses, committed to fostering clean and renewable technologies. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the unique aspects that set Time To ACT apart, highlighting its patient-to-permanent capital model, support for SMEs, adaptability to various revenue models, and its strategic approach to acquisitions.

Patient-to-Permanent Capital Model: Building for the Long Haul

Time To ACT shatters the conventional mould of exit timelines, embracing a patient-to-permanent capital model. This approach allows businesses to remain part of the group indefinitely, fostering a commitment to the long-term goals of the Energy Transition. By creating deliberately unhurried shareholder value, Time To ACT establishes itself as a steadfast partner, steering away from the pressures of quick gains in favour of sustained growth.

Helping SMEs “Punch Above Their Weight”: A Collaborative Approach

SMEs often face challenges accessing the support they need to thrive. Time To ACT steps in as a catalyst for growth, offering a higher level of central support than typical SMEs could achieve independently. By leveraging internal expertise, external networks, and strategic relationships, Time To ACT empowers SMEs to “punch above their weight,” accelerating their growth and maximising opportunities in the rapidly evolving clean energy landscape.

Owner & Operator of Businesses: Active Participation in Success

Unlike traditional investment firms, Time To ACT takes on the role of both owner and operator of businesses. With each business typically being 100%-owned, Time To ACT actively contributes to the financial and operational health of its ventures. This hands-on approach ensures a deep and meaningful involvement in the development of sustainable solutions.

Expertise Across Revenue Models: Breaking Down Barriers

Recognising the diverse nature of revenue models, Time To ACT understands the intricacies of both asset-heavy and asset-light approaches. The group excels in breaking down barriers that hinder businesses from embracing new models, helping them identify and transition into innovative revenue streams. This adaptability positions Time To ACT as a dynamic force in navigating the complexities of the clean energy sector.

Working on Businesses at All Stages: A Holistic Development Approach

From fledgling startups to fully commercialised enterprises, Time To ACT operates businesses at every stage of maturity. The group navigates development opportunities in a careful, sequential fashion, ensuring that each stage receives the attention it deserves. With a focus on addressing funding needs through cash-flow positive businesses, Time To ACT aims to leave no opportunity untapped.

Acquisitions: Growing the Family with Shared Values

Time To ACT envisions expanding its group through acquisitions, with a unique share-based model. This approach involves acquiring businesses or technologies using Time To ACT shares as consideration, emphasising the value addition through time, experience, resources, and financial support. The group invites like-minded investors to endorse its strategy, competencies, and aspirations for a sustainable future.


In a world where actions speak louder than words, Time To ACT stands as a catalyst for innovation, showcasing the power of purpose-driven investment. By actively participating in the Energy Transition, supporting SMEs, and embracing a patient-to-permanent capital model, Time To ACT is not just shaping the future—it’s actively creating it. As the group continues to expand its portfolio through strategic acquisitions, it invites others to join the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable world. It’s not just an investment; it’s a commitment to a better future. Time To ACT is now.

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