February 11, 2020

GreenSpur showcases its generator to potential customers

Time To ACT Limited is pleased to announce the following with respect to its wholly-owned GreenSpur Wind Limited subsidiary.

GreenSpur has reached a significant development milestone in its strategy. In the late summer of 2019, the company successfully completed the design, construction and testing of the 250kW generator -a single stage of 4-stage 1MW design. Having reached this milestone, we are now ready to move GreenSpur onto the next phase of development and have already started showcasing the generator at the ORE Catapult Test Centre in Blyth to potential commercialisation partners. As a result, we are now re-allocating our resources to prioritise this commercialisation.

Somewhat earlier than anticipated, we are already advancing through the stages of negotiating potential joint commercialisation projects with partners who have the mechanical and engineering skills to integrate a prototype GreenSpur generator into an operating Wind Turbine. Such a project will constitute a significant step towards full commercialisation. In the first few weeks of 2020, we have also received notification of our first two patent grants, which were both in the USA.

Time to ACT Limited is the parent company of an expanding group of advanced clean technologies. GreenSpur Wind Limited houses the group’s innovative wind-turbine generator development business.

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