September 28, 2022

WindEnergy Hamburg

If you are attending WindEnergy Hamburg, please get in touch with Andrew Hine and say hello! 🙌🏻

Who are we?

GreenSpur is an IP owner and generator designer that has developed a pioneering generator topology which eliminates the need for Rare Earth magnets and copper coils without any loss in electrical performance. 😮

This makes GreenSpur technology a pioneering solution that will enable the global Net Zero solution for Rare Earth-free power generation over the next 40 years!

Find out more at or by contacting Darren Robertson or Andrew Hine, or call at +44 (0) 1642 929878 today.

GreenSpur is part of Time To ACT.

Time To ACT plc supports the global transition to Net Zero through the development and commercialisation of world-beating clean technologies.

Find out more at

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