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About Time To ACT

Time To ACT is at the forefront of the UK’s mission to achieve net zero by actively investing in, supporting and growing companies that support the energy transition supply chain that offer cutting-edge solutions in the hydrogen, fuel cell, wind, nuclear, and energy storage sectors. The Time To ACT group currently has two primary operating divisions: Diffusion Alloys and GreenSpur.


On 29 May 2024, Time To ACT’s shares were listed on the Aquis Growth Market under the company symbol TTA. The Company believes that the Aquis listing will provide multiple benefits as it grows its business footprint within the clean energy sector both organically and through strategic acquisition.

The benefits of being an Aquis listed company include the creation of a permanent capital structure to support the growth of Time To ACT’s businesses for the long term, an increased corporate profile and improved negotiation position for future acquisitions, the ability to attract and retain key staff and future access to funding.

Led by a seasoned management team who are immersed in the energy transition space and have experience in capital markets, Time To ACT embraces a hands-off management approach. This empowers the management teams within its group of companies and helps fosters an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive.

With a healthy balance sheet and revenue growing at ~50% per annum, Time To ACT is moving rapidly towards cash-flow break-even.

Commenting on Time To ACT’s Aquis listing, Chris Heminway, Executive Chairman, said: “To be the first company to list on Aquis in 2024 is a huge achievement for Time To ACT. In Diffusion Alloys and GreenSpur we have two great businesses which are at the forefront of the energy transition. We are well positioned to provide more green solutions for a brighter tomorrow.”

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    Why Time To ACT is well positioned

    The urgency to combat climate change has reached unprecedented levels, with governments, businesses, and individuals alike recognising the critical importance of transitioning to clean energy sources. As an engineering group focused on technology for the energy transition, Time To ACT believes it is well positioned to play an important role within the evolving landscape of global energy consumption and environmental consciousness.

    As traditional energy sources face increasing scrutiny and volatility due to dwindling reserves and geopolitical influences, sustainable energy provides a stable and resilient alternative.

    Time To ACT’s focus the energy transition supply chain across the hydrogen, fuel cell, wind, nuclear and energy storage sectors, means it is well positioned to benefit from, and contribute to, the growing industries and emerging technologies which will provide the alternative, sustainable and secure source of energy in the future.

    Time To ACT’s Goal:

    Time To ACT is committed to helping build and grow businesses that will play important roles in the energy transition, help the green economy flourish and support the journey towards net zero.