February 13, 2024

Time To ACT plc: Navigating Global Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Transition

In a world undergoing unprecedented environmental challenges, the need for a sustainable and clean energy transition has never been more apparent. Amidst the complexities of building a global supply chain for clean energy, Time To ACT plc emerges as a pioneering force, addressing challenges while capitalising on significant growth opportunities. This blog delves into the multifaceted approach of Time To ACT plc, exploring its role in the energy transition on both a local and global scale.

The Global Context:

The challenges of delivering on the UK’s Net Zero ambitions are not exclusive to its borders. Time To ACT plc acknowledges the global interest in net zero and the energy transition. In recognising that the transition won’t happen overnight, the company aligns itself with the monumental task of weaning humanity off centuries-old practices of burning fossil fuels and emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. However, amidst these challenges lies an economic opportunity of unprecedented magnitude, as described by Executive Chairman Chris Heminway, who deems it “the biggest economic Activity” in his investment lifetime.

Business Model Innovation:

Time To ACT plc introduces a new business model that allows investors and managers to Actively participate in the emerging green economy. Acting as the provider of essential tools used in the energy transition supply chain, Time To ACT plc offers the metaphorical “picks and shovels” necessary for building a sustainable future. Rather than focusing on developing new scientific solutions, the company harnesses existing technologies, making them accessible for the energy transition marketplace.

Hands-On Support for SMEs:

One of the distinguishing features of Time To ACT plc is its hands-on approach in owning and operating businesses within its group. By providing comprehensive support to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) involved in the supply chain, Time To ACT plc alleviates the burden of tasks such as finance, strategy, and commercialisation. This strategic positioning allows SMEs to concentrate on their core competencies, accelerating their contribution to the energy transition without being encumbered by administrative hurdles.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain:

The company acknowledges the difficulty, both in the UK and globally, of constructing a robust supply chain for the energy transition. Time To ACT plc acknowledges the geopolitical tensions impacting supply chains and raising energy security concerns. Despite these hurdles, the company firmly believes in the inevitability of the energy transition and the subsequent colossal investments in renewable electrification.

Innovation in Action:

Time To ACT plc is not merely a passive participant in the energy transition; it Actively seeks solutions to critical issues. A notable example is the company’s involvement in reducing reliance on rare earth minerals used in wind turbines. Through its subsidiaries, Diffusion Alloys and GreenSpur, Time To ACT plc is pioneering groundbreaking solutions. Diffusion Alloys, a coatings company, is set to expand its facility and play a crucial role in blue Hydrogen production. With a supply chain agreement with Johnson Matthey, the company is ready to increase its capacity and revenue. GreenSpur, on the other hand, is rewriting the narrative of wind turbine generators by creating a technology that eliminates the need for rare earth minerals, setting the stage for an explosion in demand and innovation.

Hydrogen Economy and Global Participation:

As the world shifts towards embracing Hydrogen strategies, Time To ACT plc is poised to participate in every industry involved in the energy transition. With a significant interest in the Hydrogen economy, the company aligns itself with the 78 countries worldwide that have already announced Hydrogen strategies. This strategic positioning underscores Time To ACT plc’s commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging energy vectors and ensuring a diverse and comprehensive involvement in the global energy landscape.


Time To ACT plc stands as a beacon in the evolving landscape of the global energy transition. With a visionary approach, hands-on support for SMEs, and a commitment to innovation, the company not only addresses the challenges but seizes the opportunities presented by the energy transition. As the world collectively strives for a sustainable future, Time To ACT plc emerges as a key player, navigating the complexities of a global supply chain while contributing to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable tomorrow.

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