November 15, 2023

Planning is the problem for 50GW Offshore target

The UK has set an ambitious goal of achieving 50GW offshore wind energy by 2030, but there are growing challenges in delivering this electricity to where it’s needed.

Meeting this target will require the construction of a new transmission network four times larger than what has been built since 1990 within the next seven years. The burden of this expansion falls heavily on East Anglia, where the National Grid is proposing a 180km line of pylons cutting through mid-Suffolk.

Local communities are now raising concerns about the environmental and financial consequences of this project, receiving support from prominent figures such as Hollywood actors Ralph Fiennes and Dame Joanna Lumley.

The anticipated construction timeline of 12-14 years for 50GW offshore power is likely to be extended, making it increasingly probable that the government’s 2030 target will not be met. This situation underscores the challenges of hasty planning on the path to achieving net-zero emissions.

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