September 12, 2023

Blue hydrogen is ready to scale up now and can meet our immediate needs to reduce CO₂ emissions

In our collective efforts to combat global warming and significantly reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen emerges as a crucial solution. The acknowledgement of its importance by Energy Ministers from the G20 nations has underscored its central role in the upcoming COP.

Expediting the scaling of hydrogen production is of utmost importance, notwithstanding the ongoing debates about green versus blue hydrogen, which can be counterproductive. Instead, our focus should be on establishing a sustainable hydrogen economy that enables customers to access hydrogen in a cost-effective and timely manner, aligning with their sustainability goals.

The most effective strategy for scaling up hydrogen production involves simultaneously embracing both CCS-enabled (blue) and electrolytic (green) hydrogen production methods. This approach ensures the prompt and environmentally sustainable meeting of the growing demand.

To realize this vision, Diffusion Alloys has partnered with Johnson Matthey to enhance the production of coated components used in CCS-enabled hydrogen technology. Blue hydrogen, being ready for rapid expansion, can effectively address our immediate need to reduce CO₂ emissions. Therefore, it is essential that discussions about hydrogen move beyond colour distinctions and prioritize carbon intensity, promoting the adoption of suitable practices and avoiding unintentional obstacles in the ongoing energy transition.

To discover more about blue hydrogen diffusion coating visit the Diffusion Alloys website.

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