The sectors in which Time To ACT support are areas of long term sustainable clean-energy growth as society moves towards a goal Net Zero.

We tackle key bottlenecks within these sectors and provide enabling technologies or expertise which is required for successful deployment of each area. Our goal is to facilitate this growth and provide a platform for providing investor value through a long term approach to investing in clean technology and renewable energy.

Wind Energy

Wind energy has become a mainstream low-carbon renewable technology and is vital to the achievement of Net Zero targets. The established wind turbine OEMs are, however, facing numerous problems, including cost-reduction pressure, raw material supply-chain issues and technology scaling.

GreenSpur’s ground-breaking generator technology supports the long-term potential for wind energy and avoids the use of Rare Earth Minerals in wind turbine design.


As an energy carrier, hydrogen can play a significant role in carbon reduction and the Net Zero energy system.  It will play a critical part in the delivery of low-carbon heating in applications ranging from homes to hard-to-abate industrial sectors.

There are various established ways to produce low-carbon hydrogen, including steam methane reforming combined with carbon capture and storage (“Blue Hydrogen) to water electrolysis (“Green Hydrogen).

Diffusion Alloys is a critical supplier into both Blue and Green Hydrogen technologies.

Fuel Cells

A fuel cell is a solid-state electrochemical power conversion device, whose function is to generate electricity through the oxidation of its fuel supply, most typically hydrogen.  Applications for fuel cells range from distributed and back-up energy to shipping, automotive, logistics and space transportation.

Of the six main types of fuel cell (alkaline, PEM, direct methanol, phosphoric, molten carbonate and solid oxide), Diffusion Alloys is a market leader in coating solutions for solid oxide technologies.

China Climate Change

Clean Technology

“Cleantech” refers to business sectors which include clean non-carbon energy (including Nuclear), environmental engineering and other sustainable, green or circular-economy products and services.

Segments served by Diffusion Alloys include nuclear, energy storage, green transportation fuels, critical mineral extraction and processing and Concentrating Solar Power. 

Diffusion Alloys has customers and projects at various stages of testing, prototyping and commercialisation.