January 10, 2024

Meet the Powerhouse Team Shaping the Future: Unveiling the Faces Behind Time To ACT plc

In the world of sustainable innovation, Time To ACT plc stands out not just for its groundbreaking ventures but for the exceptional individuals steering the ship. Join us on a journey to uncover the personal stories, unique talents, and shared passion of the team members who bring the vision of Time To ACT plc to life.

The Human Touch in the Energy Transition

At Time To ACT plc, we believe that the energy transition is not just about technologies and strategies—it’s about the people driving the change. Delve into the personal journeys of our team members, exploring their backgrounds, motivations, and the personal connections that fuel their commitment to a greener future.

Crafting Success – The Time To ACT plc Team Ethos

More than a business model, Time To ACT plc’s success is rooted in a collective ethos shaped by our exceptional team. This article highlights the diverse talents and shared values that converge to create a legacy extending beyond profit margins. Get ready to explore the human side of business as Time To ACT plc leaves an indelible mark on the energy transition landscape.

Faces of Leadership – Executive and Non-Executive Directors

Meet the visionaries and dedicated individuals who lead Time To ACT plc toward success. Our leadership team is more than a group of decision-makers; they are the driving force behind our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Let’s take a closer look at the personalities shaping our strategic direction and learn about the experiences and dedication they bring to the table.

Chris Heminway (Executive Chairman):

Chris brings a wealth of experience in engineering-sector SME management. Having served as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of AIM-listed Robotic Technology Systems plc, he provides invaluable insights into navigating the complex landscape of sustainable technology.

Gary Wallace (Chief Financial Officer):

As a Chartered Accountant with experience in both SME and PLC businesses, Gary plays a crucial role in financial strategy. His practice background and expertise in acquisition integration through a PE buy & build strategy is instrumental in guiding Time To ACT plc’s financial journey.

Jason Moody (Chief Operating Officer):

A Chartered MBA graduate with a degree in M.Eng., Jason brings world-class operational leadership experience from various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, off-highway, and material science. His dynamic approach ensures effective execution of our operational strategies.

Andrew Hall (Non-executive Director):

With a twenty-year career at Siemens, Andrew served as the Chief Financial Officer of Siemens UK and Siemens Wind Power. His insights into financial management and renewable energy contribute significantly to our strategic decision-making.

Rich Furniss (Non-executive Director):

Rich, the former Country Managing Director for wind OEM Nordex, has a 23-year international career with GEC/Alstom/Converteam. Since 2018, he has been an independent consultant and Non-Executive Director, focusing on the energy transition to renewables. His extensive experience brings a global perspective to our leadership team.

Andy Hoare (Non-executive Director):

As the founder of the City Group of companies, Andy grew the business from £1m to £45m of annual revenues. His role as a Non-Executive Director for cleantech group Time To ACT plc reflects his commitment to driving sustainable business growth.

We not only introduce our leadership team but also shed light on their individual contributions, emphasising the crucial role each member plays in steering Time To ACT plc toward a future where sustainable innovation thrives. The human touch in our leadership ensures that every decision is guided by a commitment to positive impact and a greener tomorrow.

Behind the Scenes – Diffusion Alloys and GreenSpur Teams

Our ventures extend beyond the boardroom, resonating in the engineers, innovators, and problem-solvers driving Diffusion Alloys and GreenSpur. Get acquainted with the faces behind breakthroughs within our portfolio. Discover the human side of innovation as our teams showcase not only technical prowess but also a passion for driving positive change.

Triumphs in Blue Hydrogen – Team Stories Unveiled

Explore the triumphs within the blue hydrogen sector through the eyes of our team. This article unfolds stories of collaboration, perseverance, and groundbreaking partnerships that define Time To ACT plc’s success. Dive into the personal narratives of the individuals who contribute to making a significant impact in this critical industry.

The Human Journey Through Sequential Revenue

As Time To ACT plc’s ventures unfold, this section focuses on the team members driving the sequential revenue journey. From blue hydrogen to green hydrogen, small wind turbine generators, nuclear, ammonia, and multi-megawatt offshore wind, meet the individuals contributing to the success of each phase. Discover the stories of resilience, adaptability, and innovation that shape the human side of Time To ACT plc’s success.

Celebrating the Extraordinary Team

Our journey concludes by celebrating the extraordinary individuals who collectively are the driving force behind Time To ACT plc’s vision for a sustainable and thriving future. This blog isn’t just a showcase of achievements; it’s an invitation to meet the team behind the business—a team passionate about making a difference in the energy transition. As we lift the curtain, it’s evident that Time To ACT plc’s success is deeply rooted in the people who embody the spirit of innovation and commitment to change.

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