December 21, 2023

UK Invests £20B for Global Leadership in Carbon Capture by 2035

The UK Government’s £20 billion investment plan for Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (CCUS) is a significant step toward achieving its commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050. This initiative recognises the importance of sustainable technologies, and Diffusion Alloys and Johnson Matthey stand out as a key players in the global push toward cleaner hydrogen production methods.

The partnership between Diffusion Alloys and Johnson Matthey exemplifies the collaborative efforts needed to meet the rising demand for low carbon hydrogen. By teaming up with Diffusion Alloys, a specialist diffusion coatings producer with extensive experience in clean energy technologies, Johnson Matthey aims to scale up production and ensure a robust supply chain for the coated components used in its low carbon hydrogen offering.

Diffusion Alloys’ expertise in diffusion coatings for hydrogen and clean energy technologies positions them as a key player in the carbon capture landscape. Their innovative solutions and specialised alloys play a crucial role in meeting industry demand and the needs of CCUS plants.

Johnson Matthey’s focus on Blue Hydrogen aligns well with the UK’s CCUS Vision, which emphasises carbon capture and storage as crucial elements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Blue Hydrogen, produced with carbon capture and storage, is seen as a vital component in advancing toward a carbon-neutral future.

In conclusion, as the UK Government’s CCUS Vision takes shape, the partnership between Diffusion Alloys and Johnson Matthey, demonstrates a strong commitment to advancing sustainable technologies. This collaboration not only supports the transition to a carbon-neutral future but also positions the UK as a global leader in the growing CCUS market, driving economic growth, job creation, and exceeding net-zero commitments.

For a detailed look into the transformative potential of this investment, read the full article here

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